Local business with one or at most two locations, of close proximity, need to engage location-based marketing strategies to make more customers from their immediate environment.

On the other hand, business organization with broader influence, for example internet and dealers, or delivery services, also needs to implement location-based marketing. For business organizations that have multiple locations, they can implement various strategies, for example, ensuring that each location has its location strategy.

Basically, what determines the strategy you will use is your scope of influence and your environment, among other things.

Here are various approaches to location-based marketing:

Location-based Offline marketing (Activism)

How to use this approach

  1. Organizing events that pertain, and that will benefit your community

  2. Using ads board – Ad board helps you advertise your business to audience

  3. Making room to attend certain events that will lead your target prospective and audience

  4. Mailing your neighborhoods or target audience within your environment.

The tips listed above do not require you to use the internet at all. All you need do is to understand the requirements of each of them and start implementing them. Contrary to what some people have confused locational marketing to be, it is not necessarily dependent on the internet. It is typically about reaching out to the right audience at the right time and at the designated location. It is so particular about the location. That is to say it is not accidental at all, but targeted.

Location-Based Online Marketing

Location-based marketing strategies have really evolved within the past few years as result of the various activities happening on the internet and the social media. Here are the various ways to implement this strategy:

  • Location Tags

Several Social media sites give room for location tagging as you post anything on your account. If you are familiar with Instagram and Facebook you would have seen things related to that, where by you post picture or videos and at the same time get your location tagged on it.

As a social media user, you can maximize this opportunity to create a business account on different platforms and you can then tag your location as you post content on your wall. However, you can learn more on how you can use these platforms. They are really beneficial.

  • Keywords

There are many ways people can easily get to discover your business. An example is using keywords that are basically directed towards a location. This helps people searching on the internet for a product you sell get easily connected to you. Local SEO is another tactic that can be beneficial here.

  • Hashtags

A good number of people can get to discover your business on different social media sites by using hashtags. You can use custom hashtags and location hashtags, especially tagging people who have lots of followers on that platform, so that people can easily get to connect to you even without solicitation. People will get to discover your business as long as that tag is there. In fact, different people or individuals even use this for various personal reasons, to get followers most especially.

  • Locational Advertising

Online advertising is now an efficient and commonly used by many business organizations. This method involves using sending location targeted ads to the audiences. With this you have highly targeted communication with your audience without wasting your ad spend.

There are a lot of strategies under location-based marketing that take place online and even offline. It is essential that small business organizations include location into their campaign, to augment relevance in their geographic location and to appeal people outside that are not directly within their scope of influence.

Start advancing your business with these basic tips!