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October 2019

Satya Sai Arogya Clinic

In the times when life is not less than a marathon, our health has taken a backseat. We often forget, miss or simply avoid even the regular check-ups, which are a necessity given to unbalanced diet, hectic routines, unorganized lifestyle and polluted environment. When Satya Sai Arogya Clinic noticed this casual approach of Gwalior residents, it decided not to just sit and wait for people to come to the clinic but better reach out to people for their own health.

Awagumo Studios

With machines replacing humans in every second field, it has certainly become difficult to keep the art of handcrafting alive. The fact that handcrafted products are not just beautiful but eco-friendly too is something which our and coming generations must know, accept and learn. The Awagumo Studios in Japan is one such eCommerce venture that understands the value of handcrafted products and hence offer a wide range of handcrafted stickers which are appealing and have re-introduced the idea of craftsmanship as well.

September 2019

Prism Collections

Cosmetic and Fashion industry is quite a dynamic sector where every day a new product range gets launched. Standing out from the crowd and make an effective impression is not at all easy. This was among the primary issues faced by Prism Collections, an eCommerce store that sells mermaid and unicorn designed make-up brush range.

Bubble Select

The market is full of skin-care and beauty products. Why? Simple- almost everyone desires flawless and glowing skin and hence we have so many brands in the segment who are ready to go to any extent to earn sales. Bubble Select, a Tokyo based skin-care brand, however, wanted something more than just sales. In addition to flawless and beautiful skin, they also wanted people to understand the importance of good health, which is must to have that sparkling glow.

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