Today, you’ll finally overcome all those challenges that threaten your Small Business.

Life is full of challenges: Small Business owners are bravely living risks every day (and the situation hasn’t probably got better with recent events).

However, while some people tend to fail because they lack the capacity to handle these challenges… Those like you can overcome anything

Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous or easy some try to make it seem… But it is fun and rewarding. The following challenges might occur to you if:

  1. You want to start a new small business.
  2. You are running one already. 

Having the idea of what they represent from the start to the back-end phase will give you an edge.


Challenges Small Businesses Face Now (and Their Solutions)

Small Business Challenges #1 – COVID-19 Pandemia

Our planet earth has COVID-19

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This truly got us surprised, huh? 

I know we’re all tired about reading and hearing about the “Coronavirus” on the… EVERYWHERE, but stick with me for a second and you’ll understand what that means for your business.

“A National Small Business Association member survey found that  ¾ small-business owners are very concerned about the economic impact of COVID-19. 

Almost 50% already seen reduced customer demand. 

And 38% aren’t confident in the financial future of their business, up markedly from 15% in January”. – As seen on Forbes.

Most affected businesses by Social Distancing are:

  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Bars & Nightclubs
  • Gyms
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls (Stores and Supermarkets)
  • Event Halls

Without a doubt, this is an issue for all World’s population, where global growth is estimated to be cut 1.5% in mid-2020.

With all of this, we all have ONE question flying through our heads:

Is it possible to prosper, without ever going out?

In BZoomed, we dedicate to study the numbers, so you don’t have to.

You can bet that what happening now is more beneficial than what you might think. It is your golden ticket if approached correctly.

Detect what is the challenge that you’re struggling the most, and immediately test its solutions. If nothing gets results – we’ll be here to talk at any given point you need it.

Small Business Challenges #2 –Understanding Prospective Buyers

The second spot on this list goes for the Market Research, because of how important it is and how little Entrepreneurs take it into account. 

That is caring about and talking to the right audience.

Right now, your challenge is to keep a company from falling to the ground; but at the same time, your customers are presenting new needs and challenges – that if solved, then your own challenges disappear. 

SUMMARY: Don’t focus on your Needs and Desires. Focus on theirs, to get yours.

There’s not a specific mind trick to read their thoughts, and know why they suffer…

But the insights for this can be received from a lot of parts.

While some prefer to learn about their customers through long and boring surveys (that may work if done right), we prefer to execute geo-locational based technology to do understand where our customers go, live, and buy.

But the takeaway is, do not speculate. 

You better ask what they need, test, receive feedback, and improve.



Small Business Challenges #3 – Cash Flow Management

Lack of capital was already the #1 challenge for almost every Small Business in the world… But 2020 made it worst.

I won’t judge if you weren’t financially and strategically covered for a situation like this… But I will if even in the worst-case scenario, you don’t look forward to solving it:


  • Hold on large expenses. You will regret it if don’t start saving now and just go All-in with capital equipment and expansions. Even worst, luxury shopping.


  • Being said, prepare a financial reserve for your small business that could handle even 6 to 12 months of a disaster. A savings account will save your Ass.


  • Calculate your patrimony (everything that you have right now, is worth something… Even the cat). Be open to selling something that you don’t NEED, in exchange for some additional weeks of survival.


  • And if you can’t truly sell anything… Consider that is better to Barter than not selling at all. 


  • It is time to diversify your Business with new Revenue Sources. Do you remember that side-income idea you were aspiring to work in? If it correlates to what you’re doing, then it’s probably better than Netflix Binge-watching.


  • Almost every Government in the world is implementing interesting offers to pymes and start-ups like yours (Ex, low taxes, or none at all). If this is the case for your country, then give it a test.


  • This might be painful to some people (still don’t know why) but you should negotiate your debts (if have any). Bankers are more flexible than what you think, so get on the phone now. 



Small Business Challenges #4 – Employees Productivity and Communication

Recruiting was already complicated… That’s something that challenges small business owners when just first starting.

But it seems like you and I suffer the same dilemma – 

What should I do with my Employees? Fire or keep?

Experts always agree on one thing: Keep those key employees, even if it means losing more money (because you are continuing to pay salaries).

You probably can’t keep them all, but there are ways to do it while the storm runs.  

If you’re fast enough, you can recover business’ productivity with Remote work.

That also means being smart, selling or canceling useless brick-and-mortar or office expenses… And again, implement telecommuting.

That would represent a huge advancement in the way you’re running your business because it gets you in a very creative and strategic zone where you never have been before: More work, Faster, on Flexible terms.

Now, communication. Not everyone is ready to work from home. But with available tools like Slack, you can be up to know how everything is going.

Trello and Asana are perfect for project management. 

Zoom & Skype are you go to calling tools to that, reunite. 

They’re all FREE.


Small Business Challenges #5 – Fierce Competitors

While some cry, other sell tissues – This applies to every industry and market.

It is true. Fortune 500 and other large-sized companies might have some current advantage now, but you can bet all of them are struggling

Including 95% of your business competition.

In nature and business, it’s not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.” – Charles Darwin.

That’s Natural Selection. If you want to learn more about it, you can check it out here.

(Natural Selection Analogy as Cluster: Now, this is why the Business environment looks like a Jungle, now more than ever).

How harmful it would be for you to think there’s no War with other similar Businesses – but the biggest partnership Rolodex?

Not harmful at all.

Start by enlisting 10 Owners or Presidents, 10 Influencers or Celebrities, 10 TV, Media channels, or Newspapers/Magazines – All in your same ecosystem.

Connect, say “hi” online. Send a letter. Whatever it might take to be on their Radar.

Be open to offering value first, and Reciprocity will make its “thing”. 

Don’t wait much to do it…Go for it now.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second-best time is now”.- Chinese Proverb.


Small Business Challenges #6 – Designing a Remarkable Website

A website is your storefront on the world wide web. There’s not 100% need to be there… Oh, but you should.

That can probably mean the best investment in your life, getting 100x income returns in the first years. However, it is far from easy to create a user friendly or suitable website…. Especially when you are just starting. 

But the risk does worth it. These are some of the many benefits:

  • Expand your Local Reach & Market – Once you are online, there’s no local barrier that stops you. 

A new prospect from around the globe is learning about our Company’s solution, getting encouraged to do business together at this moment. 

That would be something you’ll like?


  • Automated Lead Acquisition and Sales Generation – Imagine how productive would your Small Business be if open 24/7 – 365 days of the Year… Educating customers and improving services will hardly get better than this.


  • Save Money out of Ineffective Methods – More impressive is, that you will actually save money by investing in a professional website. 

In the end, you are probably still spending on brochures, catalogs, and other printing promotional methods that just don’t drive enough results. 

There are over 100 FREE ways to promote your small business online ;).

Otherwise, without a user-friendly business website, visitors may lose interest in your business in general.


Small Business Challenges #7 – Promoting & Getting Traffic 

The website is ready, everyone on the team (or just you) is eagerly wishing to see the sales skyrocket… Until you find out you also have to promote it.

It is necessary that you promote if you want your business to grow. Sadly, small businesses find it very difficult to do for some reason. 

For example, the monetary cost, the time it takes, and complex processes.

But believe me – What you need is easy to get: Traffic.

Traffic is what we call the waves of people navigating throughout the Internet.

After all, they’re people, with problems and desires. Among the hundred million that are searching for solutions, somewhere, you can also find your Prospective Ideal Buyers. 

Actually, they will find you. But you have to make it easy for them.

How? That’s a whole subject for another day… But some of the following challenges are specifically related.

But if you are stuck in the Promotion phase, and you like shortcuts – Then Click Here to talk with me, personally… I’ll dedicate my time to get you unstuck.


Small Business Challenges #8 – Reputation Management or Marketing?

That quote “Desperate times call for Desperate Measures” is so accurate that it hurts.

This is the main reason why we all should save good money and stay away from fear and anxiety… It all just peaks down from now on.

At least that’s for Businesses who do wild crazy things because of Desperation.

And what happens when you do wild crazy things? Your reputation gets wrecked.

You want to be on the other side:

  • Where positive word-of-mouth flies across your presence (Brand mention)
  • Reviews say only good things (bad are sometimes unavoidable, and useful)

Research Data indicates that consumers are more apt to make a purchase if they can see what other people are saying about the product, service, or company.

In fact, according to their data, 97% of participants said customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. 

92% of consumers hesitate to make a purchase when there are no customer reviews, and 94% read reviews when they are available.

Please, as hard as things are getting: don’t even think about being the Robin Hood of your Niche… Mocking the “rich” to “give it away to the poor”

In the end, you’ll only be seen as seeking wealth for your own.

They all know it. That’s a Goliath movement to hit the ground even harder.



Small Business Challenges #9 – Social Media

Even if a couple of “Advisors” told you to cut the marketing budget in times like these… DON’T do it! (Unless it wasn’t giving any results).

First of all – Do you even Measure, bro?

Although Marketing and Advertising are the 2 main growth tools a Small Business has – done wrong, might cause great loss.

After all, with Social Media, you aren’t losing a single dime. All the most famous platforms are available for FREE, to everyone.

CONFESSION from someone that is making money with Social Media: you can be successful at it, but not as you currently do.

Don’t sell hard. Instead, practice Social-Selling

Identify who your Perfect Prospect/Ideal Buyer is, and create a strong relationship.

Jab, Jab, Jab with genuine conversations – then, Right Hook! with your Offer.

Exactly like boxing… Once your rival gets dizzy of rapid hits, then a hook will surely get him/her to the floor. (Please, do not physically hit your customers).

Only you know your exact Business model, and what your numbers are. And we don’t assure a Get-rich-quick opportunity with Social Media… 

But can get you big results with, or without out. Grab a 30-minute consultation if you’d like to learn how.


Small Business Challenges #10 – Creating Valuable (Intent-based) Content

There are so many Frequently Asked Questions related to this topic.

What is “Content”? How does Valuable Content look like and why is important?

Content might be an Image, Video, Infographic, an Article, or even just a single email or text.

Do you remember that time when you saw a recipe online and went to buy the ingredients to surprise your palate?

Or, that Facebook / Instagram post that “promoted” a sweet artifact you needed to have because of how awesome it looked?

That’s the exact same thing it’s happening right now. Just with an article.

If you have gone up to this point, it’s highly-probable that:

  • You’re a small business owner.
  • That you’re facing hard challenges
  • And want to get rid of them now

So the content does that: help your thought process and get you unstuck with new answers.

They are your most cost-efficient way to reach out to prospects in your Market, driving them to buy what you got. 

But this, my friend… Has a bit of science:

The 3% Rule: this universal Marketing & Sales law establishes that only 3% of your prospects are ready to buy NOW. It doesn’t even matter how much you push the sale. (That will actually be worst, by scaring them away)

Prospects are prospects, but just that…Yet. It’s exactly like in dating: 

There are several stages that define if you Know > Like > Trust that person.

Rush into the sweet ending ($$ in Business) and you’ll get kicked in your intimate parts. 

This is how you do it correctly →  Guide them through the process with Intention.

And I would dare to say that 95% of small businesses fail to understand this. 

Even more, not doing it correctly. But you are not part of that group anymore.


Small Business Challenges #11 – Research & Improvement

Staying home to just watch movies on Netflix or Playing video games is a terrible waste that not many can handle.

I personally advise that you don’t do that… Even if you are not in a “Catastrophic” situation right now.

Instead, you could save your Business and guarantee future success by dedicating some minutes per day to research your Market: 

  • What are the trends you could exploit this year? 
  • What are your customers saying about you, your company or your competitors?
  • Is there any content or product gap that hasn’t been publicly identified yet?

Also, establish improvements to every stage of your Value Chain.

  • Focus on parts of your Business model that are truly generating income.
  • Learn new, relevant, and highly-valuable skills.
  • Add new twists to your Product/Service that satisfies your customer’s current needs (Delivery?)

Position yourself so you can get back when the crisis is over. 

Stay calm and keep on track

You cannot choose if a Global emergency happens, but you choose to Adapt and evolve or stay the same.


Small Business Challenges #12 – Fidelization – It takes time for people to get connect with your products

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So, growing your business in the digital world may take longer than you thought. 

It can take months for people to get familiar with their problem… 

To understand it has a solution… And then, to be aware that your Product / Service is that solution.

That’s not encouraging, right? 

I know. But let’s make it clear: that would be the worst-case scenario.

Sometimes they come randomly from the shadows, purchase, and love your business immediately.

And only you can make that possible, by facilitating an awesome experience to whoever your client is.

Gifts, Support, Empathy, and Contents are just among the long list of activities you can use to convert “just customers” into happy, loyal clients – and hopefully referrers/promoters.


Small Business Challenges#13 – Glass-Ceiling (Lack of Scalability) 

There are some extremely-profitable levels for all Businesses to get, after satisfying customers’ needs…  But it seems like not many reach that point.

It’s known as the main source Virality to happen – Referrers or Promoters. 

That 20% of clients who drive 80% of your Revenue.

Although your business can reach a good number of local & internet users… Being truly omnipresent isn’t so easy.

And a lack of affiliate marketing or affiliate networking is really a big problem. 

Many small businesses are not capable to set up remote branch teams all across their targeted spots. Or just isn’t the time yet.

But if you feel it is (like, truly confident), there’s one thing to make it happen:

  • Improve up your Product / Service delivery.
  • Increase the amount and quality of clients you target.
  • Scale up the Marketing & Sales budget.
  • Refine and Scale-up your Systems.



(BONUS!) Small Business Challenges #14 – Uncertainty 

Stress and Emotional breakdown are challenging but unavoidable consequences in 2020. With a probably large rate of business owners (99%) suffering from it.  

It isn’t easy to raise up a family, or to handle a small team of employees… Imagine those who’re doing both, at the same time.

And a comic superhero will not come up, flying and solving our super-problems. 

Is there something you can do so far to gain clarity back into your day-to-day?

Of course, dear Business owner.

Logical Solution: Take a piece of paper, a pen (or a .docx file in your PC / Laptop), and sit down. 

Write down what do you think will happen throughout the next months – and create a plan from that.

When I say “Write down” it is actually, spit as much as you possibly can. 

If you’re scared or anxious, even better. Relief from this now.

Ask yourself questions like: 

  • Where I am now? How could it be in 3, 6, 9, or 12 months?
  • Where is my Industry going? What is expected to happen?
  • Who is doing it terribly bad now? And who’s actually cashing from this?
  • How far can I go to achieve the successful life I want?
  • How will this affect my family and how would that affect me?

Here is where you can input all the solutions from this list into one single sheet.

And only use real numbers, data, and statistics. While your guts feelings help you to move forward, they won’t do much for planning a strategic business plan.

Emotional Solution: Humanity. 

Gratitude – Now is the time to think about how lucky you are.

We don’t know each other too much now (yet) but it’s mathematically proven that you if you’re reading this right now… Then you’re more fortunate than 80% of the population.

That’s before Faith. Because…

Faith – It can make you accountable for your destiny, even by self-support. No, this doesn’t have to be Faith in a God. 

Let’s see what Google says: complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

So trust your partner, your boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, or yourself.

And regardless of whether the above makes you feel better TODAY, or not…

Empathy – A lot of people tend to believe that money and success reduces your compassion, but that’s just a topic for later.

Especially in 2020, where an imminent crisis strikes everyone, and there’s no spot for Ego… Compassion could be your most powerful weapon.

Help your community. Do some favors to your friends and family. 

Extend your hand to each and every client (emotional support is by far, more important than the majority of products/services your competitors try to sell now).

ALSO: Get into the awesome world of Stoicism or practice Meditation! 

Awesome resources for Meditation.    /   Amazing resources for Stoicism.

None of the aforementioned challenges are intended to scare or discourage you. 

Even less, that small businesses cannot be successful whatsoever. 

They are meant to inform you about the useful facts and solutions you may likely need to consider to deal with as you go about doing your business. 

Knowing them empowers you to strategically plan ahead in other to stand out even as a small business organization.

“The crisis is the best blessing that can happen to people and countries because the crisis brings progress”; “In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge”; “Without a crisis, there are no challenges, without challenges, life is a routine, a slow agony”; “Without crisis there are no merits”.

Albert Einstein.


Location-Based Marketing – Most Effective Solution?

Be aware, business owner… All this is going to be over very soon.

And when everything comes back to normal, it is highly probable that your cash flow will skyrocket hard thanks to the clear demand there is.

Both for your Products or Services, because of how competitors are disappearing from the map. (RIP)


Graph shows Point of No Return

Image by

In the meantime, you can help yourself out of the pit you’re now or get help from experts…


Help from Merchants & the Government

Help from Facebook (Is providing $100 Million “in Cash & Ad credits” to 30,000 small businesses that operate on Facebook in 30 different eligible countries).

But especially… Help from Us!

(Request NOW your FREE Consultation)

While there are dozens of ways to deal with Challenges like these – there is one only strategy that solves them all-in-one fast, with ease, clarity. 

It is called Location-based Marketing and it might be that new tech x marketing encounter that just a very select group of lucky Entrepreneurs know about.

Also called Geomarketing: Basically, enhance any business plan with geographic data – enough to finally communicate with who needs it, where and when it needs it… 

Like being in the right place, at the right time.

This can be implemented in several different ways. 

Here you find the most basics that work, but that isn’t complex enough to require our support:

  • Surveys

Yes, I think you know them. 

Surveys are part of the Geomarketing group because they emphasize on specific locations to collect information and analyze prospective customers.

And no, this is not to find out about people’s deepest secrets.

Instead, they will help you to determine where to invest the marketing resources of your business.

This strategy will help you in determining where to invest the marketing resources to make a real impact on the right audience.

That’s why this simple and powerful tactic is among our set of tools. But with new, advanced twists!


  • Activism

Although activism does not demand technology whatsoever, because you only need to congregate within the targeted geographic location…

We use Location Data Intelligence to attract groups into activities that will benefit them. 

When back then, you had to spend a lot of money and time to spread the voice and pray to the lord that this would successfully gather a group of 100-1,000 into one event.

With Geo-targeting campaigns, you’ll don’t have to move even a finger, and get 10x times the results.


  • Location Tags

Location tags are for Social Media, what general Advertisement is for marketing. 

Especially when you run a small local business, they help your audience to know how to reach you.

Nobody wants to engage with your businesses without any particular source traceable to a specific location or organization, not just virtual representation. 

Being able to make your audience realize that you have a station will definitely give them a certain level of confidence, and then they can be more confident to proceed in purchasing anything from your business.



  •  Micro-Moments

You have different kinds of audiences, and you need to deal with them according to the order of their preferences – that is exactly what ‘capturing micro-moment’ is all about. 

For example, there are some who just want to know what your business is all about…

Some who consider your business as an option to later do something with…

And some who really want to BUY. 

If you are able to engage your different audiences to the extent that you are able to determine who your right clients are, you already overcome a challenge.

What you do next? Initiate a good communication with them.


  • Targeted Messaging

We always want to make the most out of our efforts, and unnecessary inputs may harm your small organization.

A good message, to the right person, does worth millions to your company.

So risking it with randomness is something I’m pretty sure you don’t want to… But probably are doing.

It is your choice to be specific and accurate. 

Look it this way: the Digital world is not just a bunch of graphics and contents on the internet. 

It is technically an interface between two different entities – the person ‘who has it’ and the person ‘who needs it’

As a small business, the paramount thing to know is how to maximize the interface between you and your audience. 

It has to do with hitting the appropriate prospects, with the appropriate message, at the appropriate right time.


DISCLAIMER: This is Guaranteed to work if given a try.   If don’t, forget it.

Whoever you’re located in America or Europe… The only thing that matters is if your Business is real (or will be soon).

Although there are several other Location-based marketing agencies promising to solve your problems with “similar” solutions… 

This is the only one that will ACTUALLY WORK for all small businesses, with limited budgets in 2020 (best price in the market) – There’s no catch!

Let’s talk. In 30 minutes, I’ll show you in new ground-breaking ways to stop your Investment and Revenue concerns.