In the times when life is not less than a marathon, our health has taken a backseat. We often forget, miss or simply avoid even the regular check-ups, which are a necessity given to unbalanced diet, hectic routines, unorganized lifestyle and polluted environment.

When Satya Sai Arogya Clinic noticed this casual approach of Gwalior residents, it decided not to just sit and wait for people to come to the clinic but better reach out to people for their own health.

Meet Our Client from Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh- Satya Sai Arogya Clinic-

Client Overview



Satya Sai Aarogya Clinic

A general physician clinic in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.


  • Raise Health Awareness
  • To gain visibility and increase footfall at the clinic.

Issue Faced by Them-

Even after running various marketing campaigns the results were not as expected. Neither the footfall at the clinic grew, nor was there any change in the casual approach of people towards health.

  • To make people understand the importance of regular health-monitoring and hence bring them to the healthcare unit by themselves.
  • The traditional marketing campaigns were not returning the value of investment.
  • There was no measurement strategy in place to calculate attributions.

In addition, the old methods of marketing were not yielding the desired results with no way of calculating the returns.

Our Approach

This was the time when Satya Sai Arogya Clinic got in touch with BZoomed and together we took an innovative approach to bring about health awareness as well as increase footfall at the clinic.


Engage & inform people about various health related issues and notify about the benefits, newly-launched healthcare services & plans at Satya Sai Arogya Clinic through Geo-Marketing Solution.

The geo-locational marketing campaigns were designed and launched in such a way that they not only raised health-awareness but also proposed best healthcare plans and services offered at Satya Sai Arogya Clinic. A thorough analysis on various factors like demographics, behavior of targeted audience and seasonal impact on the footfall, was conducted and loopholes were picked out.

This helped us in creating an exclusive geo-marketing solution for Satya Sai Arogya Clinic, wherein we decided to engage people in a friendlier way at social media platforms. Also, the budget was kept right under the thumb along with an accurate strategy to calculate the attributions.

Right from notifying the people about beneficial health plans to reminding about routine check-ups and even booking an appointment, the geo-targeting solution by BZoomed addressed the major barriers and overcame them successfully.

Geo Marketing Solution




Geo Targeting

Social Media


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


The results were- Increased footfall at the clinic plus people becoming more aware about their health and the benefits offered by Satya Sai Arogya Clinic.

2.6K reach

402 engagements

107% increase in appointments