Cosmetic and Fashion industry is quite a dynamic sector where every day a new product range gets launched. Standing out from the crowd and make an effective impression is not at all easy.

This was among the primary issues faced by Prism Collections, an eCommerce store that sells mermaid and unicorn designed make-up brush range.

Meet Our Client with World Wide Presence – Prism Collections

Client Overview



Prism Collections

An e-commerce store offering mermaid and unicorn designed make-up brushes.


eCommerce(Cosmetics & Fashion)

  • Performance Growth
  • Branding

Issue Faced by Them-

Prism Collections had something unique and appealing to offer – high-quality mermaid & unicorn designed make-up brushes. However, the lack of brand recognition was impacting business performance.

  • Lack of brand-recognition.
  • Nil Performance Growth & no ROI

They were unable to generate ROI out of existing campaigns that covered Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and Europe. The investments made were huge with no profitable results.

Our Approach

This is when Prism Collections collaborated with BZoomed. By taking into consideration the objectives and key KPIs around the business, we discussed and suggested to run branding and performance campaigns by targeting audiences with relevant interests and behaviors in these regions.


Utilize geo-behavioral and Geo-Conquesting solutions to raise brand awareness and target interested customer-base of which make-up lovers comprised major portion.

As cosmetic-lovers were the targeted customer-base, we came up with the high-quality display and video campaigns that showcased the uniqueness, premium quality and designer-range of make-up brushes over social media channels. Also, we executed geo-conquesting campaigns that allowed Prism Collections to beat the heat of competition in the market.

Geo Marketing Solution




Geo Behavioral

Geo Conquesting

Social Media


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


Our efforts yielded positive results and the objective of achieving brand-recognition and growth was established. Here are the stats that measure our success:

96.5K reach

1.2K Link Clicks

$0.4 CPC

1.44% CTR