Why Location-Based Marketing?

We have 4 reasons why Location-based marketing should be on your mind for your business:


By enhancing brand awareness, geo-marketing solutions attract and drive more customer traffic towards your business.


With location-based marketing campaigns, you can initiate direct conversations with your potential customers and hence create a personalized experience in real-time along with strong customer-relationship.


Locational marketing increases revenue in less time and even with limited investment.


Local-marketing campaigns amplify response rates and in-app conversions. Plus, they help you in making the best use of micro-moments, which play a decisive role in boosting your sales-graph.

If You Face These Issues,
You Definitely Need It

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Pre-and-Post Campaign Launch Uncertainties

Whether for the first time or nth time, pre-and-post campaign launch uncertainties are always there. How will your marketing-campaign perform – will it be a success or a failure – what will the ROI – how well it will be received by your target-audience – and above all, how are you going to measure the impact of your investment, are some crucial and valid doubts faced by almost every investor. If you have any such doubt, it’s time to let it go as at BZoomed, we address each of the pre-and-post marketing issues and give you workable, measurable and reliable solutions.

Absence of Your Presence in The Market

Being present at the right moment and at the right place can make a big difference. If your business is still unable to mark its presence in your business arena, then it’s high time to shift focus on location-based marketing. Let your customers find you with exemplary geo-marketing solutions from BZoomed.

Location Based Marketing Solutions
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Communication Gap

Lack of communication kills relationships. If there exists a communication gap between you and your customers, you may find retaining your loyal customers difficult, let alone make a new one. With relevant and insightful location-based marketing solutions from BZoomed, you get to tap your customers through various channels, thus leaving no scope for the communication gap.

Investment & Revenue Concerns

If you think that you need huge investments to run effective marketing campaigns to grab the spot-light and hence are backing out then think again. The various geo-marketing campaigns could be the answer to your problem as you can choose the solutions and target the area as per your budget and requirements. Plus, you can also overcome the concerns regarding revenue as location-based marketing has a proven track-record, given you choose your location-based marketing partners carefully. Do we need to say- who’s that?

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Cutting Edge Competition

Business is all about competition. But it’s also about community, which you can easily build with powerful, relevant and influential locational marketing. So, no matter how tough competition you have, grow your brand with your community support. All you need is intelligent, impactful and to the point communications with your audiences.

Which Solution – Which Channel – Which Device For My Business?

A question that confuses a lot many business-owners. Well, the answer is – Diversity and Inclusivity. That is, depending upon your target-audience and location, choose a solution that covers your consumer-base by including cross-channel support, rather than segregated and individual approach. BZoomed brings you customized geo-marketing solutions as per your business-demand and audience-desire that yield best results.

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If you own any of the following businesses, then drive real-world footfall at your location with our intent-driven, contextually based, insightful and strong geo-marketing services:

Own something different? Worry not and get in touch for exclusively tailored location-based marketing campaigns, solutions, and services.

Success Stories Snippets

The stories that make BZoomed what it is today.

Satya Sai Arogya Clinic

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Bubble Select

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It’s Time to Meet Our Clientele

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“BZoomed made things easier for us and our visitors with their location-based marketing solutions. It was amazing to see how they clubbed our values and professional metrics to grow our clinic’s business and bring about health-awareness.”

Satya Sai Arogya Clinic, Gwalior (M.P.), Healthcare Unit

“When it comes to such handcrafted products, very less marketing companies are interested in promoting the brand as there is always a risk. But BZoomed team boosted not just our business but also our confidence. We have been doing great with their locational-marketing solutions. It feels good now when people recognize you through your products. People are aware of our brand and our sales have considerably grown, which never happened earlier.”

“The best part about BZoomed team is that they are very much patient, answer even the silliest query and offer you desired results for your business. We had given-up our hopes because even after running such a wide-spread marketing campaign, we did not have results – no engagement – no profit – no brand recognition. But BZoomed showed us the underlying issue and suggested the best possible solution that was almost half of what we have invested until now. We are really happy with the results now. Highly recommended!”

“While we were fully confident about our product, we were unable to push it forward to our customers because of the tough competition we have in beauty and skin-care market. Plus, it was not just our products we wanted to sell, but also wanted our customers to live a healthy life as it has great benefits on your skin and overall body. But for both – products and our idea, our reach was very limited. The phase-wise marketing strategy by BZoomed did wonders to our business and helped us gain more exposure and lend credibility among our customers. Since then, we have marked a considerable and regular rise in our sales. Thanks, BZoomed!”

Bubble Select, Tokyo, Japan, Skin-Care Products

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