Healthcare digital marketing is a growing field. Due to the pandemic, people have option for digital marketing methods to promote their clinics and hospitals. Digital marketing helps you to connect to your target population even during such difficult times. Even if you are happy with your current client base, you need to come up with different strategies to gain more patients. Why? Because it will help you to stay in business. Healthcare is a noble field where you are providing assistance to the ones who are vulnerable. But it is a business as well. In order to make sure that your hospital or clinic stays afloat, you need to be making enough money. Especially in times like this, when the COVID-19 situation has made everything go astray, a strong marketing team will definitely help you deal better with the situation, especially if you are a small health care facility. Here are some of the best healthcare marketing strategies that can help you catch the eye of patients:

  1. Using Pay per click ads (PPC) as well as display ads

You need to focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in case you want to increase your hospital or clinic website’s visibility online. People use search engines daily and they often want to look for a health care provider. The internet allows them to get in touch with the best healthcare service providing organisations easily. Your goal should be to appear at the top of the list in any search engine results. Viewers do not look for results that are present on the second or third pages. You have to add relevant keywords to make your website more SEO friendly. 

However, SEO can take a lot of time. If you want quicker results, you can use PPC or Pay Per Click ads instead. Whenever any individual searches for something that is relevant to your practice, your ad will appear on top of the search engine results. This is an excellent strategy as it helps you to connect to the audience who are the best fit for your practice. This helps you to get more leads and increase your patient count. You need to make sure that you have a proper budget for display or PPC ads. Focus on the return to investment in order to come up with an appropriate budget.

  1. Geo targeting

If you only want to get local patients for your clinic, then you have to use a technique known as ‘Geo Targeting. It helps you to come up with ads and campaigns that are targeted towards the ones who live in your city or area. It helps you to keep the cost down on marketing as you do not have to spend a bomb on targeting people all over the globe. You can use the name of the cities in your ads in order to generate local traffic. Patients are often reluctant to move far away for treatment and hence, it increases the chances of them visiting your healthcare organisation. 

City related campaigns are proven to have a higher rate of conversion in case of smaller hospitals and clinics. Your ads should focus on the benefits and assure that your organisation is always ready in case of an emergency. In case you are using social media platforms such as Facebook, you can filter the location where you want to display the ads of your organisation. Each and every computer has its own IP address. Facebook will look for the ones that are present in your locality and make these ads appear on their feed. You can even come up with posts that are targeted to the local population only. While one should aspire to get patients all over the country, initially geo targeting is an efficient technique for quick results.

  1. Work on your Email Marketing and Social Media

Your healthcare email marketing strategies can also help you to get more patients for your organisation. From newsletters to appointments – emails are an effective way to promote your healthcare organisation. Compared to ads, these are more informative and a subtle method of digital marketing. Emails work as a gentle reminder through which you can provide enough information about your organisation and staff. It has one of the highest returns on investment figures and has been used for several years now. One of the best features of email marketing is that you are able to come up with different lists for different age groups. It helps you to work on your patient retention as well as customer service. 

You can send emails to patients in order to remind them about their appointments. This helps to create a positive impact on their minds and urges them to refer your organisation to their friends and family. Apart from email marketing, you need to build different social media accounts as well. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram- the more number of social media accounts, the better. You do not have to just create your social media presence but you have to maintain it as well. This will be more important if you are not that big name in the healthcare domain. Make sure that you post everyday in order to engage more and more people in choosing your hospital or clinic as their go-to healthcare service provider. 

  1. Content Marketing

Patients are often confused about healthcare facilities. There are new illnesses that are popping up every now and then. Creating content that is relevant to their interest helps you to gain more patients. You have to come up with engaging and relevant content everyday in order to gain their attention. If the content on your website is relevant to their queries, then it will appear on their search engine results. The content that you choose to produce can be anything – from a blog post to an e-book. It is better to set goals for your content marketing in order to get better results. Moreover, you can churn out different contents for different age groups. While the younger generation likes a quick read, older generation like a bit more informative content. You need to make sure that no matter what the content is, it needs to have all the keywords that are trending. 

  1. Focus on your Branding

The branding of your healthcare organisation determines what your hospital or clinic stands for. It will help you to stand out from the rest of your competitors. You might be providing the best services in your locality but unless it reaches the people, it is of no use. You need to make sure that you are able to explain your customers what makes your organisation better than the rest. Hiring a good marketing team is the key to develop a good brand image. Your brand image should be unique and yet instil a sense of security in your prospective patients. Only then will you be able to run your organisation and gain profits. In addition to that, make sure that your website not only has good content, but is user-friendly as well. Apart from looking good, it should be easy to use as well. Your audience should be able to navigate from one part of the website to another easily. 

Now that you are well aware of the different strategies that you can use, start working on your marketing approach. Apart from these strategies, there are several other factors that can help you to not only gain more patients but also to retain them as well. However, it is difficult to do it all on your own. You need to hire an efficient marketing tram who can take your digital campaign up a notch. A good team focuses on performance metrics which helps you to assess your Return on Investment. As a result, you will get tailor-made digital marketing strategies made for your clinic or hospital. Moreover, you need to keep a track of the progress as it will help you to assess whether the strategies used by you are working or not. 

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