The market is full of skin-care and beauty products. Why? Simple- almost everyone desires flawless and glowing skin and hence we have so many brands in the segment who are ready to go to any extent to earn sales.

Bubble Select, a Tokyo based skin-care brand, however, wanted something more than just sales. In addition to flawless and beautiful skin, they also wanted people to understand the importance of good health, which is must to have that sparkling glow.

Meet Our Client from Tokyo, Japan – Bubble Select

Client Overview



Prism Collections

An e-commerce store offering skin-care products.


  • Performance Growth
  • Branding

Issue Faced by Them-

Bubble Select products are skin-friendly and their brand’s idea encourages people to follow a healthy routine to maintain beautiful skin. This certainly made them different, but they were hardly known to people.

  • Lack of brand-recognition.
  • Nil Performance Growth & no ROI

Their then-existing marketing strategy failed in turning them into a brand and the direct effect was seen at their performance graph.

Our Approach

To make things better for their business, Bubble Select got in touch with BZoomed. At BZoomed, we thoroughly analyzed the business demands, market-challenges, behavior of the target customer base and decided to follow a phase-wise approach.


Utilize Geo-behavioral and Geo-Conquesting solutions in phase-wise manner to raise brand awareness and target interested customer-base with relevant interest in the products.

The phase-wise approach spread the word across the targeted locations in Japan and raised brand-awareness and reach out to customers in Tokyo rapidly & effectively. The campaign included a mix of display and video to make an impact on users who showed interest in competing brands and/or are health & wellness enthusiasts.

Geo Marketing Solution




Geo Behavioral

Geo Conquesting

Social Media


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


Our geo-behavioral and geo-conquesting campaigns proved their mettle and results were beyond expectations.

23.5K reach

5.5K Video Views with minimum 3-second viewing duration.

$0.4 CPC

1.82% CTR