With machines replacing humans in every second field, it has certainly become difficult to keep the art of handcrafting alive. The fact that handcrafted products are not just beautiful but eco-friendly too is something which our and coming generations must know, accept and learn.

The Awagumo Studios in Japan is one such eCommerce venture that understands the value of handcrafted products and hence offer a wide range of handcrafted stickers which are appealing and have re-introduced the idea of craftsmanship as well.

Meet Our Client from Japan- Awagumo Studios-

Client Overview



Awagumo Studios

An e-commerce store for handcrafted stickers.


  • Raise Awareness About Handcrafted Products
  • Branding

Issue Faced by Them-

Till a few months back, the studio was struggling to gain an identity as a brand and hence was not able to earn deserving value in terms of craftsmanship as well as returns on investments. The issue was the absence of brand recognition in the market due to lack of visibility to potential customers. This is one of the common issues faced by businesses that fall under niche-segments.

  • Lack of brand-recognition. .
  • No ROI

In addition, the old methods of marketing were not yielding the desired results with no way of calculating the returns.

Our Approach

When Awagumo Studios contacted BZoomed, we knew right away what should be our approach to tackle the issue. We discussed the objectives and key KPIs with the client and suggested to run Geo-behavioral branding campaigns.


Engage & inform people about handcrafted products and address the issues faced in niche-segmented business through Geo-behavioral branding campaigns.

The geo-behavioral campaigns were a perfect fit as the solution helps in understanding the basic approach of customers towards niche-segmented businesses. In this case, our target customer-base majorly comprised of journal lovers, students, and parents of school-going kids. To enhance their engagement in a casual way, we carefully designed display and video marketing formats that were run across different social media channels.

Geo Marketing Solution




Geo Behavioral

Social Media


  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop


The outcome was just as expected. We were able to gain desirable reach to the targeted customers, increase their engagement and finally connect them to Awagumo Studios.

141K reach

2.8K Links

10.3K Videos View with minimum 3-second viewing duration.