We, at BZoomed believe that when it comes to building relationships, nothing works better than trust. To develop trust, each step of ours must bridge the gap between us.
So, here we take our first step towards you – Know who we are and what we do.


If you ever wonder what will be the result when passion, energy, and vision come together, simply take a look at us. A young and energetic team is out here at BZoomed to make Locational Marketing easier for your business.

The house always runs high on dynamism & creativity with zestful digital media strategists, lively programmatic experts, enthusiastic graphic designers, and vibrant Ad ops specialists ready to take on any challenge. This workaholic team leaves no stone unturned in turning your business into a brand and dreams into a reality.

Any other question running across your mind? We are simply a call/message away.

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If we just say we are different from others hence choose us- it will unfair. We truly value your investments and hence would like to paint a clear picture for you before you make any with us. For that, we believe it is crucial for you to know what makes us different and reliable.

To begin with, choose us because we are One-Stop Spot for your locational marketing needs. Covering almost every way to reach out to your customers and make your business stand in the front line, we offer a comprehensive package with a human touch that meets all your requirements.
If we are to reveal our DNA, then you will find the following traits, which make us your marketing strategy’s perfect match –

  • Specialized knowledge and experience in location-based marketing
  • More communication and involvement than what larger agencies provide.
  • Strategic partnerships and advice for potential opportunities to grow your brand.
  • Work that is done in-house and not outsourced to a third party.
  • Use of our experience to grow our business; we know what works.

Want more reasons to choose us? Then how about the following:

  • Immediate and dedicated support throughout the project’s life-cycle.
  • Easy to reach out
  • Reasonable and customizable pricing plans
  • Expert advice at every step

With these features, what you think- don’t we make your business’s best marketing partner?

Meet Our Crew

It’s time to meet people who have created this marketing-crazy company!