We add human-touch to digital messages, and convey them to the right people, present at the right place, at the right time – this is how we bring your customers closer to you.

What You Can Achieve?

Increased brand awareness and impulses converted into sales with better visibility & reception is what you get through our exclusively tailored location-based marketing campaigns.

What more?

Deeper Engagement – Direct Connection and a Relationship with Customers that makes your
business a significant part of their lives.

Check out, how we intend to bring these benefits to your business.

Testing the Waters

Before, we create any marketing strategy for your business and jump into the waters, we prefer to test it – so that your investments meet the goal without any failure.

To make sure that you get the desired ROI, we first analyze not just the market but also your business, weigh upon the various options and channels, create opportunities and then pick the most suitable path, ensuring success of your location-based marketing campaigns at the very first go.

Our industry experience helps you in estimating the ROI, even before your location-based marketing campaign is launched. So, it’s time to drop doubts and take a leap of surety and success with us.

Establishing Direct
Connection Via

  • Text & Push
  • A simple message goes a long way. Drop texts or push messages to your customers to connect directly.
  • Display & Native
  • Don’t Just Tell but Show- what you have for your valuable
  • Digital Video
  • Create an influence through video campaigns that leave a long-lasting impression.


Local Search & Discovery

Holy Grail of location-based marketing, Local Search and
Discovery apps & media channels allow proximity filtration by customer’s preferences, giving you an upper hand at targeting the right consumer-base.

Maps & Navigation

Exceed the scope of traditional marketing with geo-locational apps that lay red-carpet for your customers and bring them to your doorstep. Let them locate, navigate and be directed to you through reliable and accurate maps and navigation channels.


Stay connected anywhere and anytime through the most convenient device of the present era.
Start leveraging the potential of tablet devices for your business growth.
This digital asset gives your local marketing a broader edge.


Marketing attribution is an enterprise-wide affair. Out of all, the most serious concern for investors is when they are unable to measure the impact of their investment and calculate ROI.

This where we offer a different and unique solution for measuring Marketing Attributions. With BZoomed, you can easily check consumer engagement at different levels and across different channels, that is factual view-ability and actual cross-screen targeting.

Besides, it’s now butter-smooth to measure, analyze, and optimize your marketing campaigns by gaining better insight on traffic derived from digital world to your real locations.

From Monetary Values to Customer Relationships – Make Your ROI Evaluation More Inclusive

Have a budget for location marketing solutions and wondering what ROI to expect from it?

Estimate the monetary value with our Easy-to-Use and Estimate ROI calculator.

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* ROI calculated above is an estimate only and may vary from business to business.

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